A premium grade beef burger with kebab spices

A premium burger..but better!

Double A Kebab have been spicing meats for over 25yrs.  In that time we have developed a signature mix or herbs and spices that our customers love to taste in their kebab.

But why just keep the flavour for a kebab

We know that people secretly love a kebab but some only see it as a late night treat. We knew that putting those same kebab spices into a premium quality beef burger make the nation’s guilty pleasure easier to eat.  And for the retailer, the Keburger is an ideal addition to the menu without having to buy extra machinery or expand your freezer capacity.

The Keburger is not kebab meat in a burger shape

It’s a high quality beef burger with Kebab Spices.  And it’s awesome!


Because many burgers on the market only offer texture to a meal with very little flavour.  The taste in other burgers comes from the sauce and other additions to the meal.  We wanted to put a big wedge of taste into the meat. It’s what we have been doing for all these years.

100% Top Quality Beef


Kebab Spices


One Incredible Burger

Kebab Spices

Kebab Spices

The Double A Kebab range is known for its unique mix of herbs and spices.  And these spices are used in the Keburger.  It’s hard to describe the taste.  All we can say is that the taste builds in your mouth with a slight warmth, but without a severe chilli burn.  The secret to our success has been driven by this fine balance of flavours.  You’ll love it!

Premium Quality


No matter which product we are manufacturing, we always hold true to our claims that we use the best quality meats and the finest spices. And for the Keburger, this means the best UK and Irish beef and our secret blend of herbs and spices. We maintain quality and consistent texture by having long term contracts with suppliers of our first choice cuts of beef. This means we don’t rely on buying whatever is ‘on the market’ when we need to replenish stocks.  We know what we want and so we lock in the supply from our chosen supplier.



Grill, Hotplate, Deep Fry.  The Keburger is so versatile….
We have spent over a year perfecting the perfect burger with the ability to be robust enough to be cooked in almost any way.

Turbo Chef oven?  Not a problem.  Deep fry with or without batter? taken in its stride.  How did we do it? by taking away any notion of using bulking agents.  It’s simple…Meat cooks well. So let’s use as much as we can and simply spice it.


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